Calibre Consulting Group

Calibre Consulting Group is a Brisbane-based consulting company specialising in IT project delivery. We build relationships with our clients, understand them, and work with them to achieve their goals.

But it isn’t about us, It is about YOU.

YOUR story, we listen

You know your business and you have the vision. We bring to the table experience and an understanding of how to get things done. We work with your people and technologies to help you achieve your goals. This often involves challenging accepted wisdom and navigating out of date systems and processes. We help you find a way.

YOUR vision, we commit.

Our focus is always about getting you the right solution. We are small and agile. Our people are invested. We devote the time and energy into delivering best practice solutions because we believe in them. We’re committed to the outcome.

YOUR project, we deliver.

We don’t compete with offshore resource providers on cost and quantity. But we do compete on service delivery and quality. Our resources are locally based, experienced professionals who have a proven track record of delivery. We don’t operate in the high volume, low cost, low design input/frequent rework space. We promote high value-add input from our consultants with delivery the key focus.

We work in YOUR world.

Our Services

Calibre is passionate about delivering positive results for clients. We invest in relationships and have an unswerving belief that the qualities of good relationships – transparency, communication, trust, respect and support – are also critical elements of a successful client engagement. From this investment, we get to understand your context and unique reality, allowing us to tailor solutions to fit.

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